3 Types of students during this ASUU strike

Don’t believe what you heard: ASUU strike is not hated by every student.

While some wish “they should call off the stupid strike”, even though it isn’t a stupid effort, some students wish it could last a little longer.

Now that brings us to 3 different categories of students during this ASUU strike, how they see it, what it means to them and how it affects them.

1. Anti strike students

I used to be anti strike! And many students fall into this category.

Yes, not because they are the most serious students, but because they find this whole strike thing a bit frustrating!

I believe many students out there are finding this strike frustrating, especially students who:

  • don’t have any side hustle
  • don’t like the task their parents or wards have given them this period of strike
  • are doing nothing. Just staying at home.

Government and ASUU should quickly resolve this issue and save many students the frustration.

2. Pro-strike students

Simply put, the pro-strike students are those students who enjoy ASUU strike.

If you are in the category above you may ask why would a student in his right senses enjoy the strike?

Now there could be at least a handful of reasons:

The hustlers: this type of students hustle and bustle for money. Of course, it will be hard (although doable) combining studies with their side hustle, so the strike offers a perfect opportunity for the entrepreneur students.

Also, for the Xtian folks among the students, Xmas is around the corner and… many need some cash to spend this Yuletide season!

Another set of students who are enjoying this strike is the one who just don’t want to go to school. I wonder if there are students like that?

3. The strike neutrals

Everything is not black or white.

There is always that set of people who are neither hot nor cold.

This set of students just don’t care if the strike continues or not.

Whatever the case, they are ok with it.

Could it be this set of students have more important things to worry about than education?

Where do you belong?

Are you anti strike, pro strike, or neutral?

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