ABU Zaria Distance Learning Academic Calendar (2018/2019)

ABU releases academic calendar for her distance learning program for the new session, at Distance Learning Centre (DLC) Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).

All distance learning students of Ahmadu Bello University are hereby informed that the school has released the schedule of academic activities for the distance learning program of the school for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Show in the table below is the full calendar. Go through it so you can keep updated of the periods for different events for the session.



January Semester (Semester I):

Commencement of January Semester: 11th February 2019
1st January 201928th February 2019Registration/Orientation
18th February 20195th May 2019Instruction/Deployment (12 Weeks)
6th May 201916th May 2019Consolidation/Revision/Tutorial – 10 days (Optional)
17th May 201926th May 2019Semester Examination (2 Weeks)
27th May 20192nd June 2019January SEMESTER BREAK (1 Week)

May Semester (Semester II):

Commencement of May Semester: 3rd June 2019
2nd April 20192nd June 2019Registration
3rd June 201916th June 2019Late Registration (2 Weeks)- 10k penalty
3rd June 201925th August 2019Instruction/Deployment (12 weeks)
26th August 20195st September 2019Consolidation/Revision/Tutorial/ -10 days (Optional)
6th September 201915th September 2019Semester Examination (2 Weeks)
16th September 201922nd September 2019MAY SEMESTER BREAK (1 week)

September Semester (Semester III)

Commencement of September Semester: 23rd September 2019
1st August 201922nd September 2019Registration (Where Applicable)
23rd September 20196th October 2019Late Registration (2 Weeks)- 10k penalty
23rd September 201915th December 2019Instruction/Deployment (12 weeks)
16th December 201922nd December 2019Consolidation/Revision/Tutorial/ -1 week (Optional)
23rd December 20192nd January 2020Christmas/New Year Break
3rd January 202012th January 2020Semester Examination (2 Weeks)

2019/20 Session Commences 16th February 2020

For Further Enquiries: Please call our support lines 01 -2803823, 08080523171,08173000010 and 08153000010 or send an email to [email protected] and [email protected].

Have a great session!

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