JSS 3 Basic Science Past Questions and Answers

SECTION: Objective

1. One of the following is not a family trait

a) Complex of the skin b) height                c) albinism             c) possession of two eyes

2. One of the following is an example of family trait except

a) Recessive b) dormant            c) generation        d) blood type

3. The following cause soil erosion except

a) Growth of towns b) building of houses          c) mulching           d) road construction

4. Soil erosion can be controlled by the following except

a) Planting of trees b) terracing           c) farming              d) planting cover crops

5. Flooding could be due to all these except one.

a) Heavy rainfall b) sandy soil          c) blocked gutter d) overflowing of river or sea

6. One of the following is not a harmful effect of flooding

a) Change in habitat b) construction of dams     c) loss of life          d) destruction of crops

7. The following may cause bush burning except

a) Planting of trees b) stumps of smoke cigarettes          c) wind                   d) hunting of game

Which of these is not an effect of bush burning?

a) Building of houses b) loss of forest reserve                     c) loss of wild life

One of the following is a regulation against bush burning

a) NAFDAC b) NAFCON            c) NACC d) EFCC

Family trait is used for the following except

a) Crime detection b) tracing family members

c) reducing the hereditary disease d) dominant


  1. What is family trait and state its uses?
  2. List any five causes of soil erosion.
  3. Define flooding and its prevention.
  4. List seven (7) ways of controlling soil erosion.


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