Covid-19: School resumes in Oyo state (see pictures)

Schools in Oyo state reopened today for some levels of students. It is likely that schools in other states in Nigeria will resume in a similar way.

The images attached below shows one of the schools and how the students and staff and kitted with face masks and shields.

According to OyoAffairs

“As early as 7.30 am, students and pupils were seen trooping into their schools with nose masks and shields.

While speaking with one of the Teachers at Abadina College, University of Ibadan, he said that the students in JSS 3 and SS 3 have been distributed in all the vacant classes in the school to ensure distancing among the students.

Oyo Affairs also observed that the benches for pupils were marked to create boundaries while sitting.

A parent said that she wore a face shield and even added a mask for her daughter. “I am very particular about my daughter’s safety because I don’t want her bringing any coronavirus home.”

Students observing Covid-19 preventive protocols

School reopening in Nigeria


School reopening in Nigeria

School reopening in Nigeria

It was also reported that the classrooms and the staff offices were fumigated weeks before the schoo reopening to help prevent any chances of the spread of the pandemic.

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