Success’ Viral Video: Delta govt. to sanction school head

Delta govt. to sanction school head for sending Success Adebor home over non-payment of school fees.

Few days ago we saw the trending video of a little girl who was angry for being sent home because of school fees.

The cute little girl named Success was caught on camera literally furious for being sent home over school fees and would have preferred to be flogged and left alone than to be sent home.

See video below…

Via: YouTube

School head in trouble

However, Success’s trending video has drawn the attention of many Nigerians, including celebrities who has offered the little girl scholarship up to university level.

On the other side of the story is the school heads who have landed themselves in trouble after the state government has threatened to sanction them for collecting fees from pupils despite that the state is said to be operating a free education policy.

Delta State Commissioner for Education, Mr Chiedu Ebie who spoke on behalf of the Delta government, said:

“The fact is that we (government) operate free education policy in Delta State,”

The commissioner further said:

“We discovered overtime that some school heads take the laws into their hands by imposing illegal levies. We have battled this in the last three and half years of this administration. We have had school heads suspended and demoted.

“Once again, this is another case of a school head taking the laws into her hands and imposing levies that ought not to be imposed on the pupils.

“We have what we referred to as ‘approved levy’ in our schools. It is issued by the ministry (of education). The approved levy is N100 for consumables and no school head has the right to collect above N100.”

he said.

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