Don’t wait for JAMB results, post-UTME won’t wait

All 2019 JAMB candidates are waiting for their JAMB results which are yet to be released long after everyone expected it. No one can blame the candidates. After several months of preparations and finally the exam the most important thing in the mind of candidates is their results.

Unfortunately the delay is already there. But they should not delay you as well because you have one more step between you and admission – post-UTME screening.

Why this is important is that while JAMB may take a couple of months for the registration, announcement of exam days, etc before the actual exam, most schools don’t give such a long period.

Actually, some schools can allow 1 week for post-UTME registration and before you know it the screening exam follows.

Get your post-UTME materials

So instead of waiting for JAMB, begin now to at least gather materials for the post UTME. At least you can source for post-UTME past questions of your school.

Interestingly we already have the post UTME past questions of some schools and will add more. So you can download post-UTME past questions here.

It doesn’t matter how long JAMB results take. What matters is how ready are you to score high in post UTME and gain admission this year!

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