Edo State University school fees schedule 2020/2021 (for fresh students)

Edo state university has announced the school fee schedule for all the fresh students offered admission into the school in the 2020/2021 academic session.

Therefore, all freshers of Edo university are to take note of the school fees schedule below.

Note: The fee schedule is for fresh students only

Edo State University school fees schedule 2020/2021 (new students)

Faculty Courses Degree Awarded Fresh Students School Fees




School Fees for

International Students


Arts, Management & Social


Accounting B.Sc 378,500 $1,577


B.Sc 328,500 $1,369
Banking and Finance B.Sc 228,500 $952
Economics B.Sc 328,500 $1,369
English Studies B.A 328,500 $1,369
Entrepreneurship B.Sc 228,500 $952
History & International Studies B.A 328,500 $1,369
Mass Communication B.Sc 378,500 $1,577
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution B.Sc 228,500 $952
Political Science &Public Administration B.Sc 328,500 $1,369
Sociology B.Sc 228,500 $952
Basic Medical Sciences Biochemistry B.Sc 328,500 $1,369
Human Anatomy B.Sc 328,500 $1,369
Medical Lab. Science BMLS 650,000 $2,708
Nursing BNSc 1,080,000 $6,167
Physiology B.Sc 328,500 $1,369
Clinical Sciences Medicine & Surgery MB;BS 1,848,500 $7,702
Engineering Chemical Engineering B.Eng 503,500 $2,098
Civil Engineering B.Eng 503,500 $2,098
Computer Engineering B.Eng 503,500 $2,098
Electrical & Electronic Engineering B.Eng 503,500 $2,098


B.Eng 503,500 $2,098
Law Law LL.B 898,500


Science Animal and Environmental Biology B.Sc 228,500 $952
Computer Science B.Sc 378,500 $1,577
Industrial Chemistry B.Sc 228,500 $952
Microbiology B.Sc 328,500 $1,368
Physics with Electronics B.Sc 228,500 $952
Plant Biology and Biotechnology B.Sc 228,500 $952



A minimum first instalment of 60% for ALL Courses must be paid before clearance while the balance must be paid in the first week of the second semester.

Payment of school fees is strictly online. Visit https://www.edouniversity.edu.ng/upay and enter your UTME Registration Number or Matric Number, click login and kindly follow payment instructions on the website.

Congratulations to all the fresh students as you embark on your varsity academic journey. Let others know by sharing this post. Thanks!

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