FRSC recruitment 2020: how to get FRSC job

FRSC officials
FRSC officials. Photo via

In this article are different things you need to know and do to greatly increase your chances of getting the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) job. Note that the recruitment will be announced by the FRSC in due time. Aspirants are encouraged to disregard any recruitment not from the FRSC.

Remember that the FRSC jobs are very competitive as so many people apply for it. But the good news is that you shouldn’t let the competition stop you. You can get the job if you prepare well for it.

Why do many people apply for the FRSC job?

It is a known fact that majority of Nigerians want to work in federal parastatals. With the high rate of unemployment in the country especially among the youths and the unstable nature of jobs in private establishments, most people look to get jobs with the federal parastatals. As regards federal parastatals, the Federal Road Safety Corps comes to mind because it does not require its staff to carry guns and to fight in wars. So, when we have FRSC recruitments or even recruitments in other federal establishments, a lot of people apply and the crowd there is always massive.

It would not be too much exaggeration to say that almost the whole country applies to work at Federal Road Safety Corps which is popularly known by its acronym FRSC. The stability of the job as a federal establishment and the FRSC salary and the fact that they do not carry guns also makes it more attractive.

What you must know before applying for FRSC job

The Federal Road Safety Corps is a government agency that is responsible for road safety administration in Nigeria. As stated earlier, they do not fight wars, their job is mostly concerned with making sure the road is safe and that Nigerians are following the right practices as regards the roads and the traffic as most Nigerians have no regard for the traffic rules. It is the role of the Federal Road Safety Corps to ensure that Nigerians comply with the traffic rules and failure to do that attracts a penalty. The nature of this job is the major reason why there is a crowd whenever the Federal Road Safety Corps announce their recruitment.

FRSC officials
FRSC officials. Photo via

How to increase your chances of getting the FRSC job

This leads us to the question what do I do if I want to get a job as a Federal Road Safety Corps? Here are somw tips to help you:

*** Make sure you meet the requirements on the FRSC portal

Like every other job, the Federal Road Safety Corps has its specific requirements and it is important for prospective candidates to understand the requirements before they apply. The Federal Road Safety Corps is interested in your nationality which must be Nigerian, your relationship status. If you want to get recruited into the staff of the FRSC, you have to be single. Asides that, you also have to met the physical, financial and behavioral requirements.

*** Make sure you beat the deadline 

It is easy for you to miss the application deadline especially if you have no idea when the recruitment started. So, you need to havw ir at the back of your mind; and make sure to apply early, or at least not later than the application closing date.

*** Do not pay anyone for FRSC job

It is an open secret that job hunting is a full-time job especially in Nigeria and it is tedious. Sadly, there are a lot of scammers out there trying to dupe desperate job seekers with the false promise of helping them get the job. As a job seeker who is interested in working with the Federal Road Safety Corps, paying someone is not part of the FRSC recruitment requirements. So, do not pay anyone.

*** Apply online at the FRSC portal 

If you are eligible to apply, do so at the official FRSC portal by registering, scanning and uploading the required documents.  For your higher education certificates, FRSC requires Bsc, HND or Master’s degree. Anything lower is not welcomed. 

*** Wait for the list of shortlisted candidates

When the application deadline has passed, FRSC releases a list of people who have been shortlisted for the next phase of the recruitment processes. If your name is shortlisted, you will proceed to the next stage which includes an exam.

*** Take the Computer Based Test (FRSC CBT exam)

The next step is to prepare and sit for the FRSC CBT test and the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) test which will be a drug test. This should be easy if you prepare for it. We’re also compiling the FRSC past questions and answers to help you in the exam.

Download FRSC past questions and answers PDF

The major reason a lot of people are not successful with the FRSC job recruitment is lack of study. If you make use of the past questions, your chances of passing the FRSC exam becomes much higher. 

I strongly advise you to study the past questions and other FRSC materials which we are putting together for you.

To get the FRSC material when they’re ready, send us a WhatsApp message to 07033696631, indicating your interest in the FRSC past questions and answers. 

Wishing you success in the FRSC recruitment process and the job at the end!


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