FUTO Student caught while trying to use another student for ritual

When you think you have heard it all, the worst keep happening. Yesterday it was news of a man in Imo state who raped and killed NYSC corp member. Now another news from the same Imo state is that a FUTO student was nabbed while trying to use another student of the university for (Yahoo Yahoo) money rituals.

The Yahoo Yahoo guy is said to be a Biological Science student of the university. He was arrested after an alleged failed attempt for money ritual.

The victim narrates his ordeal

The lucky victim identified as Daniel tells his story:

“He called me, at night, appealing to me to allow him to sleep over at my place and I sent him my address.

When he arrived, he told me how he was arrested by the police. He said he doesn’t want more troubles, so he decided to lie low at my place.

Some minutes past 12:00am, he came to the bed telling me that the music I was playing was disturbing him because he hasn’t slept for about two days. .

Suddenly he started chanting incarnations. I initially thought it was funny until he started asking me why I haven’t slept off yet. I told him I would sleep when the time comes, although secretly, I was praying…

At 2:00 am he started beating me up and when I was shouting, he told me that no one can hear my voice. I struggled with him for so long, destroying the properties in my room.

At 2:30 am, my lodge mates started coming to my rescue and by God’s grace, I could open the door for them. He also told me that his plan was that in the morning, he would collect money.”

Wonders shall never end!

Culled from: https://zenithnaija.com/yahoo-plus-futo-student-nabbed-while-trying-to-use-his-colleague-for-ritual/

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