Here is how this election might hurt some students

Election is almost here and most schools have halted academic activities until after election.

To some students this may seem like “election holidays” but no no. This break should not be taken as yet another holiday!

Why you should not see this election period as yet another break?

Things will happen faster than expected immediately after election… Or most likely so.

Remember, most schools academic calendar has been greatly delayed by ASUU strike which was just suspended last week.

In fact, majority of schools have to publish a revised calendar after the strike.

So, it is likely your school is already behind schedule.

Now comes election and school have to shut down again!

What I think might happen after this election period

1. Fast paced lectures

After the election, lecturers will try to finish their course for the semester as quickly as possible. The implication of this is that the student is expected to catch up that quickly as well.

2. Some students will be caught unawares

Some students, especially fresh students, will be caught unawares. I mean, they’re not used to the system which is entirely different from their secondary schools.

Now add that to the fact that a fresh student has clearance, registration, matriculation and a host of other distraction facing her.

Before some students finally “settle down” exam is already at hand!

Way forward

Here is what I think a student can do about this:

Make sure you maximize your time. Do not spend this break as yet another holiday. This is yet another delay, not a holiday!

Go cast your vote (if you’re eligible), but also make sure to study during this break.

In fact, study every single day!

Do not wait until shool resumes.

If you don’t have the course materials already, look around for your colleagues, get the course materials from them and make your own copies.

Remember, time waits for no man. Use every minute of your time wisely.

Wishing you a successful semester!

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