How to avoid getting raped in school (don’t be a victim)

Rape has become more rampant in our society today, even at schools. We here cases of it every now and then. It is like rape cases just keep increasing, becoming a major dent and havoc to our society.

Rape is when you have sex with an individual without his/her consent. Rape can happen at anywhere you can think of, be it in school, on the streets, in the club, in a hotel room, in parks, etc. A rapist does not care about age, social status, or even race.

Rape is a very serious crime because it can permanently cause psychological, physical, mental, and/or biological harm. There are cases where victims died in the process.

How you can protect yourself against rape as a student

Let me share with you some tips and steps on how to stay safe and avoid being raped while in school, or anywhere else.

To curb or completely erase this menace, individuals have to make conscious efforts to protect themselves from rapists. Government too has significant roles to play in protecting her citizens from rapists. 

Below are the tips on how to avoid getting raped;

Be wary of the people you trust

Most rape cases were perpetrated by people who the victims trusted. They trusted them and probably paid them a visit and it happened. People trust close relatives who also were rapists and were responsible for raping people they were meant to protect.

So, while in school, avoid trusting people easily or blindly. Most rapists are wolves in sheep clothing and are quite good at masking their intention and getting you to trust them. This way, they will lure you into their traps.

Pay visits in groups

It is advisable to visit somebody you do not totally know with a friend. This helps most times and deters rapists. An alternative could be to always keep your friend informed of your location.

Avoid lonely buildings, roads or shortcuts

If it is possible, avoid walking alone entirely at lonely roads.  Don’t stay at lonely buildings as well. It is better to take a longer time to get to your destination than to put one’s life at risk.

Mind whom you tell that you or a neighbor is home alone

Rapists often try to attack their victims mostly when they are alone. So they devise means to check if you are home alone either by asking you directly or by asking a neighbor.

You can insinuate that you are not home alone or that your neighbor is not alone either.

Actively defend yourself

You can take on self-defense courses, boxing, or even martial arts. You can carry a pepper spray along for self-defense. Walk briskly and confidently. Be alert to your environment.

Active resistance involves reacting immediately to frighten your attacker. You can use any available item at your disposal (rod, shoe, knife, stone, etc) as a weapon.

Be alert on dates

Below are the tips to help you avoid date rape.

  • Avoid sharing or exchanging drinks
  • Make sure you open your own beverages
  • Never leave your drink under your watchful eyes 
  • Avoid leaving with someone you just met. If you do, give the person’s name, description, and addresses to someone you trust before you leave.
  • Always tell someone you trust about your plans for the evening
  • Take your own car (if you have one)
  • Have money for a taxi or airtime on your phone
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Do not let the person you are with isolate you from others
  • Trust your guts
  • If they are already pushy and touching you inappropriately on the date, leave immediately
  • If at anytime you started feeling  dizzy,  nauseous, lightheaded, or otherwise strange, seek help immediately

Always keep your door locked

Make sure you lock your door especially when you are home alone or going out. A rapist can come in and hide in your room if you leave it unlocked and go out.

Be wary of your visitors

When you entertain visitors, make sure to leave your door fully or partially open. This can deter rapists if they have any intention to.

Raise alarm if you found out that you were being followed

If you notice that somebody is following you. You can walk into a police station and report immediately, or you can raise a panic alarm immediately for your safety.

Do not jog or walk at nights with earphones on

You need to be able to hear when a car is following you or somebody is walking behind you. So avoid headphones on while walking or jogging at night.

Avoid late-night walks if you can

Stop going out unnecessarily at nights unless you absolutely have to. Rapists like to operate in the dark so they are not seen. Always try to walk through streets with enough lighting or hold a bright light yourself if you have to go out.

In conclusion, if you adhere to the above tips, you are sure to almost 100% avoid rape. Always remember that it is never your fault, rapists are just animals, so always try to protect yourself however you can.

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