How to calculate UniLag Admission Points

This post will show you how to calculate UniLag Admission Points so you can know your accurate points before proceeding to check the UniLag admission cutoff marks for various departments in the university.

Please follow the procedure below to calculate your admission points for the University of Lagos merit list.

How to calculate UniLag Admission Points

Before you proceed, not the weight each of the components for the admission points carry. That is, what percentages are allocated to your O’Level grades, your JAMB and Post UTME. This is as shown below.

Post UTME30%


How to Calculate O’level Admission Points

Use the following points to for the five O’Level subjects required for your course:

  • A1 = 4 points
  • B2 = 3.6 points
  • B3 = 3.2 points
  • C4 = 2.8 points
  • C5 = 2.4 points
  • C6 = 2.0 points

How to Calculate JAMB/UTME and Post-UTME Admission Points

Note: The Candidate must score up to 40% in Post UTME to stand a chance. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Divide your JAMB/UTME by 8
  2. Divide your post UTME Score by 2

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