How to print Call Up Letter [NYSC 2019 batch A]

See how to print NYSC call up letter, for 2019 batch A prospective corp members.

Date for printing of call-up letters

If everything goes according to the official NYSC calendar, printing of call-up letter for the 2019 batch A prospective corp members is scheduled for 21st – 25th March 2019.

Now that the day for batch A, 2019 is at hand, you should know the procedure to print NYSC callup letter from the NYSC portal. That is, how candidates can easily login to their NYSC dashboard to check their and obtain a copy of their call up letter.

Please note that you need to print your call-up letter before orientation.

Below is a step by step guide on how to print your callup letter from the NYSC website, on your own dashboard.

Before printing your callup letter, here are some tips specially for you:

Now on printing of call up letter, the process is just easy and you don’t need to pay anyone a dime simply to print your callup letter.

How to print NYSC Call-up letter

  1. Simply login to NYSC dashboard.
  2. You will see link/button to print your Call up letter.
  3. Click on that link
  4. Save/download your call up letter in PDF format.
  5. Note: please save a copy of the letter in PDF format. And you can do this with your phone or whatever device you’re using.

Also, you can print the Call up letter more than once.

Has printing of Call up letter started for my batch?

Having issues or asking questions about printing of callup letter? Check ask questions in: NYSC corps members WhatsApp Group I created.

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