Is Post-UTME exam cancelled for 2018/2019? [Find out]

Many admission seekers are asking questions like is post UTME cancelled? Will there be a post UTME screening test this year? Or which schools doesn’t conduct post UTME exam anymore?

Alright, you may be among the candidates that have written their JAMB examination and is asking what next to do. In other words, the question for those candidates that have taken their JAMB examination is what next after JAMB? Will there be post-UTME?

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Well, before we talk about post UTME, let’s talk about lessons learnt from JAMB exam…

Especially for those who don’t like their performance in JAMB exam, the thing is that there is no need to worry. You don’t have to because worries cannot change the outcome of the exam. Instead, see the JAMB exam as an experience, a lesson you have learnt.

NEXT thing to do after JAMB examination

Obviously, the most important thing you need to do now is to focus on what is ahead of you: admission (and post-UTME?).

Smart students already know that the secret to a successful exam is good preparation. However, for you to be fully prepared for the exam, you’ll need to invest good amount of time in it.

If you made the mistake of not investing enough time in preparing for JAMB, don’t make the same mistake in your post UTME.

START EARLY to prepare for post UTME. This might be the only thing between you and admission this year, so why risk it?

Is Post UTME exam cancelled?

So, to answer the question if there will be post UTME exam this year: Well, there are rumors making rounds that post UTME exam has been cancelled. Some say it’s now optional, meaning that schools can choose if to conduct post UTME screening tests or not.

As of this the last admission by various schools, post UTME held. Also, schools have not declared that there won’t be post UTME exams.

So, whatever is going to happen, the best you can do now is to prepare for post UTME exam very well.

Personally, I don’t believe any serious school in Nigeria will choose to cancel post UTME seeing that its where quality schools (like University of Nigeria, Nsukka) filter out those who used malpractice to pass JAMB.

So, until government makes it compulsory for schools to stop post UTME, post UTME will still hold.

When is post UTME coming up?

The next post UTME exam will follow the trend of the previous screening exams. Find out: Date for the next post UTME exams

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