JAMB 2019 Likely Questions & Answers [the truth!]

Before every JAMB exams one of the things JAMB candidates hunt for is questions that are likely to appear in their UTME exam. For example, this year, this is the so called “JAMB Likely Questions”.

Of course, whenever a candidate search for something like this she is surely going to get a load of results from bloggers.

In fact, even if you search for questions that will be set in the upcoming JAMB 2019, you will still get tons of them from Nigerian bloggers.

But, how likely are these “JAMB likely questions?”

I will give you a straightforward answer here: Nothing more likely than the normal JAMB past questions!

In other words, these things you read online with the hope they are questions that will likely show in your JAMB exam are jokes.

Bloggers simply pick questions and answers at random from JAMB past questions and tag it “likely questions.”

None of these bloggers have any idea what JAMB will set in the next exam. Now how did they get to pick likely questions?

Nothing! Just some wild guess.

So, don’t put any special hope in it.

But, is it worth it?

Please note that I am not trying to say that studying these so called likely questions is bad or a waste of time. No.

I just want to point out that it is just like studying your normal JAMB past questions. Nothing more.

And since JAMB past questions and answers are perhaps the most important resource every JAMBite need, studying random questions picked from the past questions is not a waste of time.

What you can do

What you can do is simple: make sure to solve as many JAMB past questions and answers as possible before JAMB exam.

EduNgr JAMB app gives you thousands of past questions and answers you can study OFFLINE. So, if you don’t already have the app please kindly install EduNgr JAMB app.

Also, if you prefer the PDF version of the past questions and answers, they are available here: JAMB Past Questions & Answers PDF.

The bottom line is: these so called JAMB likely questions are nothing but some random JAMB past questions that a blogger wakes up one morning and decides to post online.

Thanks and all the best in your exam!

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