Download “Sweet Sixteen” JAMB Novel [PDF] 2019/2020

Sweet Sixteen is the novel for 2019/2020 JAMB candidates.

So, if you will sit for the exam and you are looking for the novel to expect questions from during your JAMB 2019 exam, make sure to grab a copy of the JAMB recommended novel, Sweet Sixteen.

Novel: Sweet Sixteen By Bolaji Abdullahi

In my previous post I wrote a summary/review of Sweet Sixteen. You can check that out.

This post however is for JAMBites who are searching to get a copy of the novel.

How to download Sweet Sixteen JAMB Novel [PDF]

Interested candidates can get a copy of the novel here: Sweet Sixteen By Bolaji Abdullahi.

Recommended for JAMB candidates

Wishing you all the best in your JAMB exam!

12 thoughts on “Download “Sweet Sixteen” JAMB Novel [PDF] 2019/2020”

    1. I want to download the novel itself not summary of the novel. Stop showing me summary of the novel please I don’t want it

    1. Yeah, I understand. But how it works is that you shouldn’t just grab someone’s novel (hard work) and distribute it. If there is soft copy with the permission to distribute it that way it would have been available for download here…

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