3 Big JAMB registration mistakes to avoid

Before you register for JAMB UTME 2019, there are one or two avoidable mistakes you need to know and make sure you don’t repeat that same mistake. Unfortunately, every JAMB year candidates make those mistakes.

Recall that JAMB announced date for 2019/2020 JAMB registration. The aim of this post is to point out those little mistakes that can result to a big issue later for JAMB candidates.

Inconsistency in names

Your names suppose to, is expected to, and should be consistent across all your credentials. This applies also to the spelling of your names. For example, the Igbo surname Okafor and Okafo means the same to someone who understands Igbo language, but in official documents they mean two different names and should be corrected.

Every year, some JAMB candidates have issues of inconsistent names. So, make sure that you use the same name you have been using for your formal stuff during JAMB registration. Crosscheck the spellings and make sure everything is correct.

Choosing the wrong course

Although rarely happens, some people end up applying for the course they do not wish to apply for. Before you apply for a course, make sure you know the course title the school of your choice gave that program. For example, computer science and computer engineering are usually two different courses! Most schools have computer science as a physical science course and computer engineering as engineering course. So, make sure you choose the correct course you intend to apply for.

Errors in information supplied

Apart from the two mentioned above, other common issues are errors in information like the candidates state of origin (some people enter their state of residence which may not be their state of origin), contact details, email address, etc.

Additional tip:

Also, try and be there when you are being registered for JAMB. Some people fill in their details and drop it at cyber cafe or CBT center and most mistakes come from guys at JAMB registrations centers, and this happens when the candidate is not their to crosscheck every information entered and options selected. Be present and see that all are correct. Please share this info. Good luck in your JAMB exam.

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