JAMB website hacked? Find out

There has been rumors making round that hackers accessed JAMB database and stole information such as questions set for JAMB candidates. However, this information may not be what most people seem to believe.

Speaking of whether JAMB website was hacked, the registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Mr. Prof. Ishaq Oloyedehad this to say:

As far as JAMB is concerned, I have not found any case of a breakthrough. No matter how clever they think they are, we are ahead of them.

The JAMB boss also stated that the board would continue to remain proactive in its operations, and would not hesitate to ensure that anyone caught is prosecuted.

That is why we keep on promising them (hackers) that if you can get one question of ours that is genuine, we will pay you a lot. So, because we believe that we must be proactive, that is why we are dealing with any attempt. And once an attempt is made, we do not leave it as attempt. We go after them; and when we go after them, we arrest them.

Was JAMB website really hacked?

The question is this? How can JAMB tell if its database was not penetrated? I mean, it is only when you have the capacity to know you’ve been hacked that you can tell. A hacker may penetrate JAMB website, steal information clean without JAMB even knowing it.

Anyway, let’s believe that JAMB site wasn’t hacked as JAMB boss said.

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