JSS 1 Agricultural Science Past Questions

SECTION: Objective

1. Agricultural science is the art and science of cultivation of crops and rearing of animals for man benefits.
True or False
2. Agriculture provide food, shelter, income and raw materials.
True or False
3. Agriculture is derived from two Latin words
a) Ager and cultured b) productive and non-productive c) all of the above d) none of the above
4. Which of the following is not an importance of agriculture?
a) Provision of crisis b) provision of food c) provision of shelter d) provision of income
5. Subsistence and commercial agriculture is a _____ of agriculture.
a) Types of agriculture b) problems of agriculture c) characteristics of agriculture d) none of the above
6. All are form of agricultural practices except
a) Fighting b) fishery c) horticulture d) livestock farming
7. All are branches of agriculture except
a) Mining science b) forestry c) soil science d) animal science
8. Crop farming involves the production of vegetables, fruits, cereal, roots etc.
True or False
9. Meat, milk, egg and skin are deriving from
a) Animals b) crops c) plants d) none of the above
10. Ager means field
True or False


1. What is agriculture?
2. Mention four (4) importance of agriculture.
3. Mention five (5) products derive from animals
4. List the two types of agriculture

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

1. Which of the following best define agriculture?
a) Production of crops for human consumption only
b) Raising of crop and animals for the benefit of man
c) Production of cash crop for exchange
d) Production of feeds for livestock consumption
2. All are farm animals except
a) cattle b) eagle
c) goat d) turkey
3. Plant that grows where it is not wanted or planted is known as
a) grass b) weed
c) tree d) plant
4. The following are the characteristics of weeds except
a) easily dispersed b) long dormancy
c) create erosion d) aggressive
5. A plant that complete its life cycle in one year is called ____
a) cereal crop b) biennial crop
c) annual crop d) perennial crop
6. Which of the following id NOT a method of weed control?
a) biological b) cultural
c) pesticides d) chemical
7. A pest is any ____
a) plant which destroys our crops or livestock
b) animal that travels from one place to another
c) animal which damages crops or livestock
d) plant that grow where it is not required
9. Monkey, weevil, grasshopper and rodents are examples of ____
a) pest b) weed c) crop d) store
10. Burning, munching, weeding, hand pulling and tillage operations are examples of
a) cultural weed control b) biological weed control
c) chemical weed control biochemical weed control
11. Which of the following is an example of biting and chewing insect pests?
a) capsids b) grasshopper
c) termites d) crickets
12. Rats and squirrels are
a) insect b) birds c) capsids d) rodents
13. All are factors od agricultural production except
a) land b) labour
c) management d) rock
14. Which of the following is correct as cereal crop>
a) yam, cassava, maize b) rice, cocoyam, cocoa
c) groundnut, cowpea, yam d) maize, rice, millet
15. Plants that have one seed leaf and cannot be spilt into two are known as
a) dicotyledons b) tricotyledons
c) monocotyledons d) tetracotyledons
16. The examples of fruit crops are
a) maize and tomatoes b) onions and tobacco
c) mangoes and cashew d) cabbage and rice
17. All the following are forms of farm animals except
a) aquatic animals b) dairy animals
c) building animals d) poultry birds
18. Which of the following are examples of poultry birds?
a) pig and cattle b) goat and rabbit
c) turkey and chicken d) sheep and donkey
8. All are insect pests’ classification based on mouth parts except
a) cheating insect pests
b) biting and chewing insect pests
c) piercing and sucking insect pests
d) boring insect pests
19. The creation of agricultural product/goods and services which satisfy the needs of people is called ____
a) agricultural processing b) agricultural production
c) agricultural preservation d) agricultural storage
20. The reward for labour in the production is known as
a) loan b) wage or salary
c) interest or loan d) cash flow

Essay Questions

1a. What is weed?
1b. List three (3) methods of weed control
2a. Define pest
2b. Mention four (4) examples of pests
3a. What do you understand by the term “Agricultural Production”?
3b. List three (3) factors of Agricultural Production

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