JSS 1 Civic Education Past Questions and Answers

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

1. The political party that is controlling the federal government of Nigeria today is –––
(a)APD (b)APC (c)CPC (d)PDP
2. The colour of the Nigeria National flag is –––
(a)Black white Balck (b)White red White
(c)Green white yellow (d)Green white Green
3. The Nigeria National flag has ––– colours
(a)3 (b)5 (c)2 (d)4
4. Traffic light is made up of the following colours
(a)Blue black Brown (b) Red yellow green
(c) Green White Green (d)White blue yellow
5. Which of the following is a type of value
(a)honesty (b)sincerity (c)confidence (d) all of the above

6. Who was the civilian president of Nigeria that died while in office.
(a)Alhaji Sanni Abacha (b)Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
(c)Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe (d)Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua
7. The consequences of not obeying traffic rules often resulted to
(a)Road work (b)pot holes (c)safe driving (d)road accidents
8. 27th May of each year is celebrated as ––– in Nigeria
(a)Teacher’s day (b)Father’s day (c)Children’s day (d)Democracy day
9. The red traffic light indicate –––
(a)All vehicles should go (b)All vehicles to slow down
(c)All vehicles should get ready to go (d)All vehicles should stop
10. The green traffic light indicate –––
(a)All vehicles should go (b)All vehicles should stop
(c)All vehicles should slow down (d)All vehicles should get ready to go

11. Which one is not a types of value
(a)Sincerity (b)Confidence (c)Greed (d)Honesty
12. Dishonesty often resulted to –––
(a)Corruption (b)peace (c)Love (d)Trust
13. The following are consequences of dishonesty except
(a)stability in the society (b)it causes crime
(c)Examination malpractices (d)Disorderliness in the society
14. ––– are basics and undeniable right which an individual enjoys in society
(a)Man right (b)Human right (c)farmer right (d)business right
15. Which of the following is not a fundamental human right
(a)right to life (b)right to education
(c)right to freedom of religion (d)right to freedom of violence

16. ––– is the acts of denial of one’s fundamental human right.
(a)Human right (b)Human right abuse (c)Honesty (d)Democracy
17. The following are effects of human right except
(a)under developments (b)bad image (c)lack of patriotism (d)Development
18. ––– is ability for a citizen to know what’s going on in their country.
(a)National peace (b)National consciousness
(c)National symbol (d)National identity

Essay Questions

1a. Define human right.
1b. List four (4) fundamental human right
2a. What is National consciousness?
2b. Define National symbols
3a. List five (5) national symbols
3b. Mention five (5) National currency (Nigeria money)

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