JSS 1 Mathematics Past Questions and Answers

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

1. Write in figure: five billion, four million, three thousand and two hundred.
(a)5,43 200 (b)5,004 004 200 (c)5 400 300 200
(d)5 40 330 200 (e)5 440 330 200

2. If a whole number is divided into two equal parts, each part is called.
(a)part (b)quarter (c)a half
(d)no fraction (e)a divider.

3. If a whole is divided into equal four parts, each part is called –––
(a) a part (b)a fraction (c)a piece
(d)a whole (e)a quarter

4. In a fraction, if the denominator is larger than the numerator, this is called –––
(a)improper fraction (b)potent fraction
(c)proper fraction
(d)mixed fraction (e)equivalent fraction

5. Convert this mixed numbers into improper fraction.
(a) 19/5 (b) 9/5 c) 7/5 (d) 6/5 (e)15/5

6. A number that has only 1 and itself as factors is called –––
(a)a prime number (b)a prime factor
(c)a improper number
(d)a factor number (e)a factorized number

7. Write 101two in base 10
(a)5 (b)4 (c)3 (d)2 (e)1

8. Convert 23
(a)7 (b)8 (c)9 (d)10 (e)11

9. Simplify 8/10 – 3/10
(a)1/5 (b)2/7 (c)3/5 (d)1/7 (e)3/7
10. Round off 65 to the nearest ten.
(a)40 (b)50 (c)60 (d)70 (e)80

11. Add 111, 101
(a)1000 (b)1010 (c)1001 (d)1100 (e)1011

12. What is the value of x? X + 4 = 7
(a)14 (b)3 (c)2 (d)1 (e)0

13. Find the value of x. 3x = 36
(a)6 (b)8 (c)10 (d)12 (e)13

14. Simplify 6x+5y+4x-3y
(a)6x+2y (b)8x+2y (c)10x+2y
(d)12x+2y (e)14x+2y

15. Solve the equation 4y/3 = 4
(a)6 (b)5 (c)4 (d)3 (e)2

16. A cube has how many faces?
(a)14 (b)12 (c)8 (d)6 (e)2

17. A cylinder has how many edges?
(a)2 (b)4 (c)6 (d)8 (e)10

18. The formula to calculate the area of triangle is
(a)1/5bh (b)1/4bh (c)1/3bh
(d)1/2bh (e)2bh.

19. When two or more plane shapes form another shape, the shape formed is called
(a)a compus shape (b)a composite shape (c)a concert shape
(d)a triangle shape (e)a area shape

20. A maggi cube is an example of what?
(a)a cuboid (b)a cube (c)a cylinder
(d)a circle (e)a trapezium.

Essay Questions

1. Calculate the area of this shape.
2. Solve this equation x+19 = 25
3. Use number line to evaluate 3+11
4. Simplify 3/4 ÷ 24
5. A trapezium has sides a=5cm, b=6cm and a height of 4cm. Calculate the area.

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