JSS 3 Agricultural Science Past Questions

SECTION: Objective

1. _____ is the putting of goods into closed or open containers of convenient sizes, shape and types for the purpose of sale, storage or transport.
a) Deforestation b) packaging c) packing
2. Provision of timber for the furniture and construction industries are
a) Disadvantages of forest resources b) uses of forest resources c) human activities that affects the forest d) effects of forests on the environment
3. Wildlife involves
a) Fauna and flora b) fauna only c) flora only d) none of the above
4. Boxes, drums, polythene, trays etc. are examples of
a) Packaging items b) milling items c) radiation items d) packing items
5. All are forest management practices except
a) Forest regeneration b) afforestation c) restriction d) taungya farming
6. Which of the following is a human activity that affects the forest?
a) Provision of employment b) source of raw materials c) hunting and poaching d) winds breaks
7. Which of the farm products can best be preserved under smoking
a) Cassava b) egg c) grains d) fish
8. A large area of land covered with trees, animals and other plants growing and living closely together is known as
a) Reforestation b) preservation c) taungya farming d) forest
9. _______ is whatever is done to the farm produce to keep it in form as its original state.
a) Preservation b) spoilage c) derivation d) restriction
10. Another name for forest zones in Nigeria is _____
a) Vegetative belts b) Nigeria belts c) Nigeria zones d) none of the above


1a. Define forest
1b. mention four (4) types of forest zones in Nigeria
2a. state three (3) human activities that affects the forest
2b. list four (4) forest reserves
3. briefly define the following
a. preservation
b. packaging
4. mention five (5) methods of preserving farm produce.

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