JSS 1 Computer Science Past Questions and Answers

Past questions and answers on computer for the JSS 1 students

SECTION: Objective

1. Stone age is historical period which human being were using____ for tools making.

a) Cutlass b) spear c) stone d) chair

2. One of these is not a characteristics of stone age

a) Football b) pebble tools c) blade tools d) biracial

3. Iron age is a development of the people in ancient times where tools and weapons are made of _____

a) Iron b) rubber c) wood d) glass

4. The feather pen was clipped into an input during the writing process, this process is known as____

a) Stone age b) middle age c) industrial age d) electronic age

5. Industrial age was during the time a lot of major changes in agriculture, manufacturing and transportation improve. True or False

6. Industrial machine is form in the electronic age

True or False

7. What is the latin word of data a

a) Data b) dating c) datum d) date

8. Data are raw facts that is yet to be manipulated to produce result.

True or False

9. Classification of data are quantitative data and qualitative data.

True or False

10. Qualitative and quantitative data are classification of ______

a) Information b) data acquisition c) data d) information age


  • Define data.
  • What are the classification of data mention?
  • What is information.
  • Write short note on the following: Stone age, Iron age, Middle age, Electronic age
  • What is data acquisition.
  • What is your teacher name that is teaching you computer science?

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

1. The main memory components are the ROM and RAM
True or false
2. Random access memory is the full meaning of letters “RAM”
True or false
3. Read only memory is the full meaning of letter “ROM”
True or false
4. ROM is also known as non-volatile
True or false
5. RAM is also known as volatile
True or false
6. The ROM tells computer what to do and when it is turn on.
True or false
7. Checking all cables connection is the duty of ROM.
True or false
8. RAM allows users to calculate and also type documents.
True or false
9. Cold booting refers to when computer is just put on.
True or false
10. Warm Booting is when the computer had to restart when problem occurred.
True or false
11. ––– are raw facts that always need to convert into meaningful and useful information.
(a)ROM (b)RAM (c)CU (d)Data
12. All are methods of data processing except.
(a)manual method (b)mechanical method
(c)Electrical method (d)Grouping food
13. ––– is the using of computer as a data processing device.
(a)manual method (b)mechanical method (c)Technical method (d)Electrical method
14. ––– using pen and paper to processed data
(a)Electrical method (b)mechanical method
(c)possessing method (d)manual method
15. ––– is the method of using type writer to process data.
(a)Manual method (b)Electrical method
(c)Student method (d)Mechanical method
16. ––– is the initial data collection from the appropriate sources.
(a)Data preparation (b)Input of data
(c)processing (d)Data origination
17. ––– is the process of typing the prepared data into the system.
(a)processing (b) Data preparation
(c)Output of information (d)Input of data
18. ––– once the data are confirmed correct to be taking into consideration.
(a)Data origination (b)Input of data
(c)Processing (d)Data preparation for input
19. ––– the actual processing routing take place to produce the desired output.
(a)Data origination (b)Data preparation (c)Input of data (d)Processing
20. ––– is the stage where the meaningful result is obtained.
(a)Data preparation for input (b)input of data
(c)processing (d)output of information.

Essay Questions

Answer ANY TWO (2) questions from this section

1. What is the full meaning of the following letters.
a. ROM
b. RAM
c. CPU
2. List down the three method of data processing
3. List down five (5) computer laboratory rules and regulations.

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