2019/2020 JAMB Questions and Answers

As you know JAMB 2019 has already commenced (on April 11) and candidates are already telling their experience so far. Here are some of the questions that have appeared in 2019 UTME exam.

JAMB 2019 Questions

JAMB 2019 questions as shared by 2019 candidates. You can also drop your own questions in the comment box below. Thanks.

Use of English Questions JAMB 2019

1. What is the name that Aliya father normally call her?

(a) young lady (b) queen (c) First lady…

2. Which position does Aliya held in the school?

(a) social prefect (b) hostel prefect …

3. What is the name of gift/donation Aliya want to give to school?

4. How many times did Aliya read the letter?

5. What gift did bobo buy for aliya

6. What is bobo real name?

7. Which football club did aliyas father support?

8. What did aliya feel when she saw bobo with molaya?

9. CONstitution …
(a) conSTItution (b) constiTUtion (c) constituTION

10. Where did Bobo relocate to

11. What is aliya mother proffession

12. What does it mean to be a stereotype

JAMB 2019 Literature in English

1. How many year prison sentence was given to chief in the harvest of corruption?
2. What is the major theme of the book
3. The proud king is which type of poem
4. What is enjambment?

Chemistry Questions JAMB 2019

1. What causes temporary hardness in water?

2. The raw material of sucrose used in the brewing industry is?

(a) mallosses (b) maltose (c) malloses (d) malosses

3. What is the General formula of alkanol? Ans. CnH2n+1OH.

4. Calculate the oxidation state of cl in Ca(ClO3)2

5. What elements cause acid rain …

6. Solvay process is used for what

7. How is the permanent hardness of water treated.

8. The liquid prodct in the distructive distiliation of coal is ___?

9. What is used in the treatment of volcanization of rubber

10. The fraction of petroleum that has a temperature of 250-300 is what&___

11. Metals are derived from the earth crust in what form___

12. Gas burns slowly… why___

13. Formula resentation of the ideal gas law

Biology 2019 JAMB Questions

1. What will happen when Rhesus negative combine with positive?

2. What is the antigen of blood group O?

3. The offspring from the combination of AO and O will be…

4. What are the raw material needed for photosynthesis

5. The Animal with the largest surface area to volume ratio is — ?
A. elephant B. man C. dog D. Amoeba

JAMB Physics Questions 2019

1. What is the term for dispersion of light by small particles of collision… 2. What is an instrinctive semiconductor used for… 3. Level of acidity is determined by…

Agricultural Science JAMB questions 2019

1. What is epigeal germination and types


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