Version 1.4 of JAMB app released

eduNgr has released version 1.4 of JAMB app. The latest version of JAMB practice app has many additional cool features the students or admission seekers using the app will find really useful.

JAMB app

Some of the added features in both versions 1.3 and 1.4 include:

– you can share questions to WhatsApp, message, etc.

– you can connect with edungr on Facebook

– new design

– exam year now appears in the breadcrumb while taking quiz

– like button (for the app)

– etc.

How to update or install the JAMB app

NOTE: for those that already installed and activated the app, DO NOT uninstall it. You don’t need to uninstall the app before you update it. Uninstalling the app will invalidate the activation.

To install OR update the JAMB app, simply head over to Play Store through this link: eduNgr JAMB app and install or update the app the normal way you update apps.

You will not loose the activation when you update the app. That is, the app will remain activated.

That’s it. Enjoy version 1.4 of our JAMB app.


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