Lexis & Structure in English for JAMB exam

Lexis and Structure questions and answers: Lexis and Structure is a must for all JAMB students as it constitutes larger percentage of JAMB past questions on Use of English (English Language) which is a compulsory subjects for all JAMB students.

To do well in Lexis and Structure in English, the JAMB student need constant practice and wider knowledge in this area as there are thousands of possible ways questions can be set in Lexis and structure.

What’s the best way to prepare for Lexis and Structure questions?

Apart from reading the recommended text for JAMB English language, you really need to study JAMB past questions and answers of English language extensively.

The benefit of studying JAMB past questions on English include:

  • You learn from tons of Lexis & structure questions already in past questions
  • Have idea of the kind of questions to expect in this topic/category
  • Have vast knowledge of questions from Lexis and structure
  • Build your confidence

How to study for JAMB English

To study JAMB past questions and answers in English language you can do any or all of the following:

All the best in your JAMB exam.

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