Covenant, UNN & UI produces most employed graduates

Report shows that the most employed graduates from Nigerian universities are graduates from Covenant University, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and University of Ibadan (UI).

According to statistics from Stutern, an online platform that among other things focuses on youth unemployment and entry-level jobs, these three universities have employment rate for their graduates as summarized below:

83.70 percent of Covenant University graduates are employed, while UNN and UI boast of 68.18 percent and 61.76 percent respectively.

Recall that Covenant University is a private university, while UNN and UI are federal.

What about graduates of state universities?

The report further shows that the state university with most employed graduates is Lagos state university, LASU.

LASU’s position should not come as a surprise giving that it is located in Lagos, the commercial hub of Africa.

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