Best & latest MTN data plans (April 2019 deals)

Get the best deal from MTN Nigeria with the latest and best MTN data plans. The fact is that not much have changed but 1GB at N500 data plan is still there, other MTN monthly subscriptions, weekly plans, daily subscriptions, and even night plans you can choose from are available.

To start with, note that you can use *131# to buy data, airtime or access similar services on MTN. This is like the general approach, but let’s get to specific options and a great deal for MTN data plans.

MTN Daily Data Plan

MTN daily subscriptions gives you the options to buy data plans for daily usage. You will be presented with options so you can select one that is within your budget.

To purchase MTN daily data subscriptions, you need to dial the following USSD codes: *131*1*1# with your MTN Nigeria line.

MTN daily data plans offers you the following options:

  1. 50MB + 25MB Bonus Daily Plan at N100 only
  2. 150MB + 75MB Bonus Daily plan at N200 only.

Enter the option you want (that is 1 or 2) and MTN will ask you to confirm you want to make that purchase. Confirm and complete the data subscription.

MTN Weekly Data Plan

Featured MTN Weekly Plan: 1GB at N500 only. This is perhaps the best deal you can get if you are looking for weekly subscription from MTN.

How to subscribe MTN 1GB Data at N500

This subscription plan is for those in MTN Pluse. To get 1 gigabyte of data at five hundred Naira only, dial *312# with your MTN line and wait for confirmatory message.

Other MTN Weekly Data Plans

The procedure to buy MTN weekly data subscription is similar to the steps for buying daily plans. The primary difference here is you have can access weekly plan through a different USSD code.

To buy MTN weekly data plans, dial *131*1*2# with your MTN line.

This will bring up MTN Nigeria weekly data plans options you can select from For example, you can select:

  1. 150MB weekly plan at N300
  2. 500MB + 250MB weekly plan (which you can use ONLY from 1 AM to 7 AM) at N500
  3. 500MB + N500 Talktime at N500 on XtraValue

Select the data plan you want and MTN will ask you to confirm you want to purchase that data plan at the specified amount. Confirm to complete the weekly data subscription.

MTN Night Data Plan

MTN night plan, also called MTN Nightlife Browsing offers you value added data plans you can enjoy at night, from 12am to 5am.

MTN 500MB at N50 night subscription still works. That is, with only fifty Naira you get 500MB to use through the night, from 12 midnight to 5 am.

To subscribe MTN N500MB night plan, open your SMS, type”NT2″ and send it to 131. Note: do not include the quote. Just type NT2

To subscribe other MTN Night plan, open your SMS and

  • text N125 to 131 and get 125MB at N25
  • OR text N250 to 131 to and get 250MB at N50

Remember, you can only use MTN night plan from 12 midnight to 5am in the morning.

MTN Monthly Data Plan

The steps to subscribe for MTN monthly plan is similar to those for Daily plan and Weekly plan but with a little difference.

To subscribe MTN monthly plan, dial *131*1*3#

You will be shown available monthly subscription options thus:

  1. 1.2GB at N1200
  2. 1GB + 500MB Bonus (usable from 1AM to 7AM) at N100
  3. 2.5GB + 1GB Bonus (usable from 1AM to 7AM) at N2,000
  4. 5GB at N3,500
  5. 10GB at N5,000
  6. 22GB at N10,000

Other MTN Data Plans

MTN offers other data plans you might want to check out. To see the various data plans, simply dial *131*1# This will bring up the MTN Nigeria data subscriptions you can choose from including:

  • 2-Months plan
  • 3-Months plan
  • MTN4ME

You can also check out MTN XtraData plans by dialing *131*2*2#. 

Check back next time for latest data deals from MTN.

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