Northeast Nigeria – Education Response Snapshot (Jan – July 2018) Infographic

Statistics showing Education Response in Northeastern states of Nigeria. This snapshot covers periods January to July 2018.

Here are few key points from the stats

  1. All conflict-affected girls and boys aged 3-17 have safe and equitable access to inclusive, child-friendly and protective learning.

  2. Risks to all conflict-affected girls and boys aged 3-17 are reduced through the improved ability to cope with negative psychosocial effects and to limit the physical danger presented by the conflict.

  3. Empowered communities in conflict-affected areas contribute to restore and protect learning.

  4. 2.9 million estimated number people in need of education invention

  5. 2.2 million people targeted for education invention

  6. PEOPLE REACHED: 146,191 people reached by HRP and non-HRP partner from January – July 2018 with a total 15,495 reached in July 2018.

See the infographic below for the complete snapshot

Northeast Nigeria education response stats

Credit: humanitarianresponse

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