NYSC Lagos corpers WhatsApp Group chat 2019

Looking for WhatsApp Group link for NYSC corps members posted to Lagos? Here we have what you seek. Join other Lagos corpers and stay connected.

This WhatsApp Group is for both prospective Corp members and serving corp members in Lagos state, to chat, network and get the latest updates regarding their NYSC program.

Please, if you’re not in any of the two categories mentioned above, do not join the Group.

Another set of people that should not join this Group are spammers and those posting irrelevant content (it doesn’t matter how important the irrelevant content may be)

NYSC Lagos corpers WhatsApp Group link

How to join the Group chat: it is simple, just click on the Group invite link to join right away: NYSC Lagos Corpers WhatsApp Group Chat

Lagos is a small state with a big city and is densely populated. While traffic may be an issue, there are so many features that make Lagos one of the best cities in Nigeria.

Enjoy your service year!

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