NYSC Nigeria Official Social Media Handles

The official website of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC Nigeria.

For those who ask for the web address of the official NYSC Nigeria portal, I just want to quickly share the links to NYSC official website, as well as their social media handles.

NYSC Nigeria Logo

NYSC Nigeria Official Website

The official website address is: http://www.nysc.gov.ng/

NYSC Nigeria Official portal


NYSC Nigeria Twitter handle

The official Twitter handle of the NYSC is: @nysc_ng and the web address is: Twitter.com/nysc_ng

NYSC Nigeria Instagram handle

Follow NYSC on Instagram via: nysc_ng

NYSC Nigeria on Facebook

Facebook page of the NYSC: @OfficialNYSC

Beware of fake NYSC websites

Please beware of fake websites parading to be the official websites of the NYSC. The official website of the NYSC ends with .gov.ng (as shown above), not those fake ones that ends with something else.

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