NYSC Online Registration Batch A 2018 stream 1

Date and other info regarding NYSC Online Registration for Batch ‘A’ 2019 has been announced.

All 2019 Batch ‘A’ Mobilization prospective NSYC corps members are hereby informed that mobilization details is out.

According to the 2019 NYSC Batch ‘A’ schedule of activities, Online Registration for 2019 Batch “A” Prospective Corps Members commences Monday 4th to Tuesday 19th, March 2019.

How to register for NYSC 2019 Batch A

Registration basically requires your personal details and academic profile. So, nothing to worry about. Just get ready your personal details, schools you attended and details.

The important tip I want to share about registration however is choosing the states you might be posted to.

During registration, the usual practice is that candidate have to choose four states, one from each of the following regions in Nigeria:

  • South East & South south
  • North Central
  • North East & North West
  • South West

After you have chosen your four preferred states, NYSC will post you to any of the four states. There is also possibility of candidate being posted to a state he didn’t chose.

Tip: If you’re targeting “hotcake states” like Lagos, and FCT (Abuja), you must try and be among the very first people to register.

Sometimes for batches other than A, there were some changes on locations for orientation camps and not all the camps were used. I guess it was because they were few.

Since batch A are usually big, I am expecting things will go as normal.

Get some ideas from details about the previous NYSC Batch A

In case of any updates on the procedure involved for registration, this post will be updated accordingly.

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