Official NYSC registration portal 2018 batch A

The official NYSC registration portable where the prospective NYSC candidates should go and fill in the online registration form… and a for things to note about NYSC online registration.

Also, please see these helpful information for the prospective corp members: NYSC online registration requirements and NYSC terms: NYSC terminologies you need to know

NYSC online Registration Portal

Note, during the registration, NYSC may open the portal on multiple pages/URLs. I think this is done due to surge in traffic as almost all the prospective corp members try to register at the same time.

For example, one portal may open at and another at, etc. So, be clever to find out the variants of the NYSC online registration portals if you are in a hurry to complete your online registration.

With that said, this is the link to NYSC portal: PLEASE help me and SHARE this post. Thanks and God bless.

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