O Level requirements for Sociology in university, poly, etc

O level subject combination and requirement for sociology, for those who wish to study sociology and similar courses in the university, polytechnic or other higher institutions. If you are interested in sociology but don’t know which O’level subjects are required for the courses, this post will give you the answer you need.

General and specific subjects requirements for sociology

First, you need to understand that subjects combination may vary with schools for certain courses. That is, one school may require certain subjects while another school will require one or more different subject for the same course, be it sociology or another course.

However, subjects combination are usually the same in most cases (but not in all). Consequently, what I will do here is list out the general O level requirement for sociology and then confirm what subjects does the school of your interest require; if they differ in any way.

With that said, here is O level requirement for sociology: The first two subjects are often required, then additional three subjects:

O level subjects requirements for sociology

  1. Use of English
  2. Government (Or History)
  3. Economics
  4. Government
  5. Literature
  6. Commerce

O level subjects requirements for sociology for your school of choice

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Now to find out if the school you are interested in want different subjects combination, this is easy. Simply check the school’s subject combination for Sociology using this JAMB Interactive Brochure.

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