OAU female student commits suicide over academic performances

It is yet another case of suicide among the Nigerian students. This time a female student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

A female student at the Department of English OAU identified as Grace Opeyem reportedly took her own life. Reports have it that her suicide is most likely connect to her poor academic performance.

Previous suicide attempts

According to the deceased friend, Grace had in the past attempted taking her life before she eventually consumed an insecticide, Sniper, on Friday.

After taking the Sniper on Friday the student was rushed to the OAU Health Centre and was referred to the Accident and Emergency Unit of the OAU Teaching Hospital, where she eventually gave up the ghost.

She had no outstanding courses

A statement from the department said Grace had no outstanding courses as at the time of her death.:

“A review of her result was done and it was discovered that she didn’t have five outstanding courses, neither did she have outstanding 12 special electives.

“She had 10 units of special electives passed already and she only had LIT 420 (project course) yet to be approved or graded. Only her SER result is still being verified. In fact, she carried no course over until her demise.

“We can then deduce that the deceased, Grace Dara Opeyemi’s death is not to be attributed to poor academic performance.”

But it is important to point out that not having an outstanding courses dies bit in any way mean that the student’s academic performance is ok.

One can be at 3rd class without any outstanding courses

Is it worth it?

It’s so sad how undergraduate students take their own life just because of academic performance forgetting that those things don’t determine who will be successful in life or not.

In my previous article I tried to explain to students how insignificant this paper qualification can be and why you shouldn’t even stress yourself about it let alone commit suicide.

It’s unfortunate that some undergraduate still go extra miles to get this paper qualification.

May her soul rest in peace.

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