Admission Aspirants & Post-UTME WhatsApp Groups (different schools, 2019/2020)

Looking to join Post UTME chat on WhatsApp? We have active WhatsApp Groups for POST-UTME Candidates. Please read the Group rules before joining our WhatsApp Groups.

Before you join our WhatsApp Group, please note:

  • Defaulters are blocked without warning. Once you’re blocked in one WhatsApp Group, it’s very likely you will also be blocked in every other of our WhatsApp Groups
  • No form of irrelevant content is allowed, no matter how good, important or funny you think the content may be.
  • Please join only one POST-UTME Group
  • The Groups are made active by the Group members. So, participate freely.
  • DO NOT send me a private message. Please send all your questions, etc to the WhatsApp Groups. If you have a personal business for me, use the contact page on this website.
  • Once again, defaulters are removed/blocked without warnings.
  • Thanks for your anticipated compliance.

Join POST-UTME WhatsApp Group of Your School

UniLag WhatsApp Group Link: UniLag WhatsApp Group Chat

University of Nigeria (UNN) WhatsApp Group Link: UNN WhatsApp Group Chat

University of Calabar (UniCal) WhatsApp Group Link: UNICAL WhatsApp Group Chat

FUNAI WhatsApp Group: FUNAI WhatsApp Group Chat

University of Benin (UNIBEN) WhatsApp Group: UNIBEN WhatsApp Group Chat

University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) WhatsApp Group Link: UniCal WhatsApp Group Chat

University of Ibadan (UI) WhatsApp Group Link: UI WhatsApp Group Chat

More WhatsApp Group links for Nigerian universities

Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UniZik) WhatsApp Group Link: UniZik WhatsApp Group Chat

Lagos State University (LASU) WhatsApp Group Link: LASU WhatsApp Group Chat

University of Port-Harcourt (UniPort) WhatsApp Group Link: UniPort WhatsApp Group Chat

General Aspirants WhatsApp Groups

Can’t find your school? Simply click on any of the Group links below to join:

6 thoughts on “Admission Aspirants & Post-UTME WhatsApp Groups (different schools, 2019/2020)”

  1. If I have 189 in jamb can I write the post UTME of FUAM whose cut of mark is 180 but the course cut of mark is 210
    Plz I really need this info

    1. You still have all the chances you need since you met the minimum JAMB cutoff mark.

      What you need now is to score high in your post UTME so that your average score is above the cutoff mark for the course you applied for, which according to you is 210.

      A simple mathematics:

      Let’s assume;
      Your JAMB score: 189
      Your PUTME score: 300

      Your average: (300 + 189)/2 = 244.5
      As you can see, that average is above 210 which is the minimum departmental cutoff mark.

      However, note that both JAMB, O’level and post UTME contribute to your overall admission points


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