Date, time for RSUST 31st Convocation Ceremony 2019

Schedule of events for the 31st Convocation Ceremony of Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) announced.

Congratulations in advance to all the graduating students of Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST).

The general public, students and the university community are hereby informed of the date and time and other information regarding the upcoming 2019 convocation ceremony of RSUST.

  • Date: Saturday, 8th June 2019
  • Time: 9.30 a.m.,
  • Venue: the Convocation Arena.

Schedule of events

The ceremony is expected to be a week-long event. Here is a breakdown of the schedules (in the image shown below):

RSUT convocation 2019

All graduating students are advised to log on to the university portal, Search for Cert Number, Apply for their convocation package.

How to Apply for RSUST Convocation Package

Search for your name on the convocation list by using the Get Application ID link under the Quick Links of the page (see link below).
Confirm your details on the convocation list
Note: Confirm that the spellings of your name(s) are correct. You are also to confirm every academic record detail like your faculty, department and option.

If the spellings of your name is incorrect or your name contain initials in your present academic records, proceed to the Help Desk at the ICT Centre of RSUST with either of the following original documents that have the correct spellings of your name before you proceed:

  • O’ Level
  • Local Government Identification
  • National ID Card
  • Driver’ License

If there are no issues with your details, proceed with the convocation application process by clicking on Apply for Convocation Pack. The Convocation application process is as follows:

  • Select the application name from the list of applications
  • Apply for Students’ copy of Transcript (Only REGULAR Students)
  • Apply for RSUST Convocation Photo (Optional)
  • Proceed to pay for Convocation Pack

Price of Convocation Pack

See in the image below:

Get Application ID

For you to apply for your Certificate, you need to supply an application ID. Click here to search for your Certificate ID.

In this Convocation ceremony, all graduands will be given their certificates, but you need to apply for it.

Name Correction

If your name has any typographical error, this gives you the final chance to request for a correction and you can also do so via the link above where you searched for your certificate ID.

Print Receipt

Just in case you want to re-print your application receipt, enter your application ID under the “Print Receipt” heading to do just that. All you need is your Application ID.

Happy convocation in advance. Please share this information so it gets to other people. Thank you!

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