List of Science courses in Nigerian universities & higher institutions

Want to know all the science courses offered in Nigerian universities? This post will show you the list of science programs one can apply for in higher institutions in Nigeria

For a student who wish to study a science course in the university, you need to know what courses falls under sciences so you can make the right choice from the onset. Note that most of the science courses here require that you pass science subjects in your O’Level, that is Physics, Chemistry and some also require mathematics.

Therefore, before you go ahead and apply for any science course, use this JAMB brochure to check the course requirements. With that said, below is the list of science courses in Nigerian universities.

Science Courses in Nigeria

Parasitology adn Entomology
Animal Biology and Environmental
Animal and Environmetal Biology
Applied Botany
Applied Ecology
Applied Zoology
Applied Chemistry
Applied Geophysics
Applied Geology
Applied Biology
Applied Biochemistry
Applied Biology and Biochemistry
Applied Microbiology and Brewing
Applied Mathematics with Statistics
Applied Statistics
Applied Microbiology
Applied Biology and Biotechnology
Artifical intelligence
Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
Biodiversity Conservation & Utilization
Bio- Informatics
Biological Science(s)
Botany and Microbiology
Building Technology
Cell Biology and Genetics
Chemical and Industrial Chemistry
Chemical Science
Combined Physical Sciences
Computer Engineering
Computer Electronics
Computer Science
Computer Science with Accounting

Science Courses (Continued)

Computer with Statistics
Computer and Economics
Computer Sci.  with Islamic Religious Studies
Computer and Mathematics
Computational Analysis
Computer Science and Information Technology
Computer Science and Accounting
Communication Technology
Cognitive Science
Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
Electronics and Computer Technology
Engineering Physics
Energy Studies
Energy and Petroleum Studies
Environmental Biology and Fishery
Environmental Management
Estate Management
Environmental Biology
Exercise and Sport Science
Fisheries and Aquatic Biology
Fisheries Aquaculture
Genetics and BioTechnology
Geology and Petroleum Studies
Geology and Minning
Geology and Geo- Physics
Geography/Regional Planning
Geology and Earth Sciences
Geoloogy and Mineral Science
Hardware and Networking
Industrial Chemistry
Industrial Physics
Industrial and Environmental Chemistry
Industrial Mathematics
Industrial Mathematics/Statistics
Industrial Microbiology

More Science Courses

Information and Communication Tech.
Information Technology
Information Science
Management Information System
Management Software Development
Mathematics and Economics
Mathematics and Geography
Mathematics and Geography
Mathematics with Statistics
Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science
Mathematics with Physics
Mathematics with Management Sciences
Marine Biology
Marine Biology and Fishery
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Laboratory Science
Micribiology and Indu. Biotechnology
Molecular Biology
Marine Environmental Science
Mathematics with Computer Science
Natural Ecosystem Science and Managemet
Natural and Environmetal Studies
Natural and Environmetal Science
Organisational and Industrial Psyschology
Operations Research
Petrol- Chemistry
Project Management
Physics and Applied Physics
Physics Engineering
Physics / Computational Modeling
Physics / Computer Science
Physics / Electronics
Physics/Material Science
Physics with Solar Energy


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