Should you worry about JAMB cutoff mark for admission?

What is the general JAMB cutoff mark and that for your schools (you chose during JAMB registration)?

JAMB has announced that 2019 UTME results will be most likely be released this week. Note that it’s most likely. So we are not 100% sure here.

After checking your JAMB result the first question that comes to mind is “Did I score up to the minimum cutoff mark?”

Now one thing you should understand is that although JAMB may announce a specific score as the minimum cutoff mark but this does not guarantee that every school will use the same cutoff mark.

For example if JAMB announce minimum cutoff mark as 120 some schools (especially universities) may go for 160.

We do not expect any school to go as high as 180 although just few years back it used to be 180 for big schools like some federal universities.

Is JAMB cutoff mark something to worry about?

Definitely not! Because it is unlikely that you won’t score up to 160 or at least 120 in JAMB.

Also, a candidate who score less than 120 might have a really big difficulty gaining admission with that score.

So as long as you can go above the minimum cutoff mark your focus should now be how to score high in post UTME screening.

And to get you started you can download post UTME past questions and answers PDF.

So don’t worry about JAMB cutoff mark. Go take your own admission with your own hands!

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