Straight admission offered to JAMB 2019 best candidate

Many felt sad when the news emerged that Ekene Franklin, (JAMB 2019 best candidate with 347 UTME score) may not gain admission into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) because he is below the minimum age for admission into the school.

But as if there truly is a blessing in every disappointment, latest gist has it that the 15 year old JAMBite has been offered a straight admission into Gregory University, a private university in Abia state, without post UTME screening.

Recall that Ekene emerged the overall best JAMB candidate in the 2019 UTME exam results released on weekend. However it appears that the boy would be denied admission into his university of choice – UNILAG – because of age.

Is this straight admission a good or bad news?

In as much as this may sound like a good news – straight admission and no post UTME into a private university, the question many have not asked is why did Ekene choose UNILAG in the first place? Would he like to go to Gregory University? Some candidates choose a school for a reason and if they don’t get that school of choice they don’t feel all happy.

Wishing Ekene a successful academic journey…

One thought on “Straight admission offered to JAMB 2019 best candidate

  • May 13, 2019 at 7:55 am

    Gringory University ke? Do you think the boy would like that? Though a kind gesture anyway. he must have chosen Unilag for a purpose


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