UNIBEN student jumps off a building and dies

A University of Benin (UNIBEN) undergraduate student reportedly committed suicide by jumping of the last floor of the faculty of arts building in the school.

It was reported that the young man, simply identified as Ephraim died instantly upon hitting the ground.

UNIBEN student commits suicide

This painful news has left a lot of people really concerned regarding the rate of suicide among the Nigerian students.

Suicide on the rise

Ephraim’s death is said to 3 suicide case in the school within just 1 month!

Similarly, just a few weeks back the University of Nigeria (UNN) has been on the news for multiple cases of suicide by the students.

What could be the reason for this high and increasing rate of suicide among the Nigerian students?

Is it pressure from the school? Financial challenges? Or what has gone wrong?

Image via: nimedhealth.com.ng

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