Apply for UNN Nsukka student Vacation job 2018

Guidelines and how to apply for 2018 STUDENT VACATION JOB of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN): Application for UNN students vacation job announced. See information regarding the job, the job interview and eligibility for UNN Nsukka vacation job.

How to apply for UNN Nsukka students vacation Job 2018

All interested Students can apply for the job in the UNN Nsukka student vacation job application portal OR University of Nigeria Nsukka Student Portal which will be opened on Tuesday 07th August, 2018.

Eligibility for UNN Nsukka students vacation job 2018

To qualify for the Student Vacation Job, please note that the following conditions apply:

  1. You must have a UNN Student Email Address active on your profile.
  2. You must have successfully Registered and completed your Biometric Capture/collected your Student ID Card.
  3. You must have paid all your School Fees to date.
  4. You must have Registered all your Courses to date.

To apply, go to the UNN website, click on Student Vacation Job and follow the Instructions. Please attach your blog address (although not compulsory this year)

Pro tips:

Note: Interview is strictly as scheduled but if you have an exam on the day assigned to you, please send an email to [email protected] to be re-scheduled.

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