What every prospective JAMB 2019 candidate should do this Christmas

It is Christmas, probably the most famous festive season of every year.

Now, Christmas is the time for Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also the time of the year when most people travel, especially to their village to meet and celebrate with their sibling and relatives.

Christmas for a JAMBite

If you are going to sit for 2019 JAMB/UTME and you are celebrating Christmas, it is important you understand that as a JAMBite your are a special candidate and your own Xmas should be different… a little different at least, because you have a very important exam coming up… soon!

Now, this does not mean that you should let JAMB distract you or prevent you from celebrating your Xmas to the fullest. No way! Have all the fun, rock your Christmas.

However, if you happen to have any spare time during this Xmas season, you might consider using that extra time to warm up your brain engine so things don’t get all cold and you forget even some of the things you have learnt before now.

The key thing to note here is this: while you are celebrating Christmas, use any spare time you have to at least refresh your memory on things you have studied so far ahead of your JAMB exam.

Christmas lasts for two weeks for most people and for a JAMBite, I doubt if you want to stay two weeks without opening your books at all. Have all the fun but, always remember the tax ahead – JAMB!

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