10 Great works of Pythagoras – the mathematician & philosopher

If you have every done mathematics you must have come across his work. He is Pythagoras of Samos, a famous Greek philosopher, and mathematician!

Did you know that the mathematics we use, from the basic arithmetic you use to buy something and collect your change to advanced mathematics used in designing space ships and rockets, were created by humans like you and me?

Since the beginning of mankind, there have been those exceptional minds that have done great things that even centuries after they have passed away we still remember them for their great gifts to mankind.

In mathematics and other fields of study, there are many of such great minds but for now, let’s look at 10 notable contributions of Pythagoras both in mathematicians and other fields.

Pythagoras of Samos

And then one of the most popular names in mathematics, Pythagoras! It is impossible to say you ever did math in school and didn’t come across his works!

Pythagoras teaching
Pythagoras teaching

From primary school mathematics, you must have come across the Pythagoras theorem for solving a right-angled triangle, yeah? He is the man that made it that simple!

Is that all? No way! Here are some of the things thr Greek philosopher is notable for:

  1. Communalism
  2. Metempsychosis
  3. Musica universalis
  4. Five climactic zones
  5. Five regular solids
  6. Proportions
  7. Pythagorean theorem
  8. Pythagorean tuning
  9. Sphericity of the Earth
  10. Vegetarianism

Learn more about Pythagoras.

Other great mathematicians

If you are a primary or secondary school student then Pythagoras must be quite a familiar name. But in mathematics there are many geniuses, some rated much higher than Pythagoras of Samos! See this article of the greatest mathematicians of all time!

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